The Difference Between Outsourced Staffing and In-House Recruiting

The Difference Between Outsourced Staffing and In-House Recruiting

For a company to be successful, it is essential that they attract and retain top candidates. However, should this task of recruiting be entrusted to an in-house recruiter or should an outsourced staffing agency be brought in to oversee the process? It’s a topic weighed by so many top performing businesses. Both have their advantages.

4 Differences To Consider

Hiring Volume

Oftentimes companies will take on more than they need in times of growth. If your business is growing rapidly, opting to bring in a staffing agency that can keep up with the pace of your expansion is imperative in getting the staff you need as quickly as possible. If your company has low turnover or isn’t in a growth spurt, the need to outsource staffing may not be necessary.

Talent Pool

While there are top-performing recruiters in both staffing agencies and in-house human resource departments, staffing agencies tend to have access to more stand-out candidates, largely because of the greater rewards on offer and the wider net that they cast. Outsourced staffing agencies also have an advantage because they have the opportunity to cultivate genuine relationships with candidates over time, meaning they can approach candidates in the role of trusted adviser.

Specialized Knowledge

Because in-house recruiters work internally, they have an intimate knowledge of their company’s culture, needs, and direction. While an in-house recruiter may know their company inside out, they may have less of a clear picture of their industry as a whole. A specialized staffing agency like AtWork Group works closely with a number of different industries, giving them long-term recruiting experience in various sectors. This means that they are likely to have a stronger understanding of what separates one candidate from another and how closely suited a candidate is to a particular firm over another.


In-house recruiters work hard, but can get pulled in many directions, changing their priorities on a day-to-day basis, potentially leaving them unable to focus on recruiting for a critical job opening. A staffing agency focuses solely on recruiting, which could lead your company to a quicker and possibly better return on investment.

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