4 Recruitment Trends Employment Agency Franchises Should Use

4 Recruitment Trends Employment Agency Franchises Should Use

It may surprise some readers to learn that even the IT industry is neglected to take advantage of the various hiring channels that have been made available to employers in 2016. But it’s true; business owners in the IT sector continue to overlook emergent trends in their industry, and it’s costing them valuable hires.

Every day, more employers are starting to trust their hiring practices to employment agency franchises, understanding the value of outsourcing this critical duty to companies with deep experiential knowledge, industry experience, and time to commit. But even if you’re not ready to join forces with the AtWork team, we can still help your hiring practices: read on to learn 4 recruitment trends IT companies should be mindful of when seeking the perfect hires.

  • Burgeoning importance of branding. In 2016, one of the most important things an employer should do to improve their hiring practices is to develop a compelling brand. In-demand “passive” candidates with exceptional skill sets will not be willing to compromise on their place of employment, and accordingly, a subpar online brand will be harmful to your hiring efforts. In 2016, employers need to focus on creating persuasive company branding. If you’re trying to attract top talents, make sure you invest time and energy into your website’s summation of the organizational culture, values, benefits, and accomplishments, and list off employment opportunities in an exciting and highly-visible format. Don’t forget to build your social media presence, too.
  • New corporate talent networks. IT recruitment used to emphasize candidate relationship management, which was much more manageable for in-house recruiters who could focus on grooming one relationship at a time. However, the IT sector in 2016 is all about talent networks, which is more than simply a list of job vacancies. Top candidates expect a network where they can browse detailed posts and media, and interact with employees, alumni, business partners, and more. Contact our employment agency franchise for more information on talent network creation and management.
  • Talent-sourcing via social media. Social media recruiting has been blossoming over the past few years, and it continues to gain ground in 2016. LinkedIn is still one of the premiere hiring platforms on the web, but Facebook and Twitter are becoming more viable as the importance of individual branding and squeaky-clean “social media footprints” increases. A 2015 survey suggested that upwards of 14% of participants were hired via Twitter. If you want to use social sourcing more diligently in 2016, start vetting candidates according to their social media activity: if their posts echo your organizational culture’s values and beliefs, you’ll know for sure that they’ll fit in, and reaching out is easier than ever.
  • The rise of passive hires. A 2015 LinkedIn survey showed that over 60% of employees were content with their current work, but would be open to change if new job leads presented themselves. Many employment agency franchises advise their clients to focus on passive candidates – those who are happy with their current positions and not actively marketing themselves to employers – but many lack the time and experience to attract these high-value hires. Focusing on these candidates gives companies access to high-level skill sets and “proven” employees, and opens up a whole new talent market to consider.

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