4 Reasons to Use Staffing Franchises for your Business

4 Reasons to Use Staffing Franchises for your Business

We live in a world where an unprecedented number of recruitment channels are available to employers via the internet, but many business owners are still content to skim through classified listings or wait for walk-in resume drop-offs. This is a new age; millennial talents do not seek the same jobs as their parents, and they certainly don’t use the same application methods.

If you don’t want to lose touch with the talent-sourcing dynamics of the modern marketplace, partnering with professional staffing franchises is a great place to start. Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll gain access to whole new hiring pools.

4 Reasons To Side With Staffing Franchises

Active and Passive Market Activity

Professional staffing franchises comb through both the active and passive talent markets relative to your industry. By casting a much larger net, your company will be able to pull much bigger talents out of prospective hiring pools.

3 Smiling Business ProfessionalsThe best employees for your business are often those who need to be actively approached; when you have a highly attractive set of professional skills, you can afford to sit back and let employers come to you. These passive candidates are usually worth the effort. Accordingly, the best external recruiters focus their efforts on networking and recruiting passive candidates. But most in-house recruiters simply cannot find the time to engage this long-term relationship-building process, so they turn to a staffing company instead.

Industry Expertise and Talent-Seeking Savvy

Unlike in-house HR teams who have to juggle interpersonal disputes and daily tasks, staffing franchises are consumed by the hunt for new talents. The AtWork team is constantly studying best practices, industry developments, and emergent hiring platforms to hone their search skills to the highest level. When you’re trying to attract passive candidates whose skill sets compliment your company demand, you’ll need exceptional recruitment skills. Even if corporate recruiters have similar skills and experience, they’ll lack the time that a committed staffing franchise can dedicate.

Staffing Franchises Are Respected By Top Hires

In-demand applicants often seek out the best staffing agencies to keep them apprised of opportunities that arise at different companies. In other words, top talent comes to us, and we direct them to you.

Staffing Franchises Understand the Demands of the Position You’re Trying To Fill

Competent third-party recruiters with comprehensive industry experience will know the demands of the job you’re trying to fill. Accordingly, they’ll be able to brief potential hires on what to expect so that they can hit the ground running. This also opens doors in terms of hiring diversity; too many Two Men Shaking Hands corporate recruiters focus on academic credentials, sometimes to the point that they overlook qualified individuals with relevant skills and experience.

Ready to Join Forces with Our Staffing Franchise

We hope you’ve benefited from this 4-point analysis of the advantages of using staffing franchises for your business. If you’d like to learn more from our team, or would enjoy browsing our catalogue of articles on franchising, employment tips, job-hunting advice, and more, visit our website today and leave us a question or comment!


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