Employment Agency Franchise Tips 3 Ways to Attract Talent

Employment Agency Franchise Tips 3 Ways to Attract Talent

Like most other businesses in the world today, employment agency franchises live and day according to their ability to attract top talent. From the employers’ perspective, lacking talented workers can hurt brand reputation and bottom-line profitability. From the perspective of an employment agency franchise owner, lacking connections to high-value hiring pools means that employers won’t give you the time of day.

In today’s post, the AtWork employment agency franchise shares 3 strategies to help business owners find, identify, and attract the right people for the job.

Cultivate An Inspiring Work Environment

The notion of building a positive work environment has been discussed with greater frequency in recent years as avant-garde companies like Google rose to prominence. The New York Times described Google’s work environment as “a place to work and play,” and staff have raved about the creative and inspiring conditions that they enjoy every day. While your company doesn’t need to go as far as “soy foam furniture,” “nap pods,” and productivity-optimizing color schemes, it is important to make the effort to create a positive and encouraging work space. Positive work spaces not only fend off the ennui of most offices, but they can encourage creativity, boost morale, and have a huge impact of productivity. In fact, Forbes magazine reported that businesses with healthy work environments grew over 22% in 2014. Employees and clients will both feel the difference, and word will quickly spread to talented prospects looking to settle into career positions.

Provide As Many Opportunities For Growth And Advancement As Possible

Good fiction always keeps the story moving forward; any time there is a sense that the characters aren’t making progress, the reader loses interest. This same logic can be applied to the work world: if your staff feel like they’re stuck in a rut with nowhere to go, they’ll soon lose interest. Though the most tried and true way to keep your staff interest is to have advancement opportunities, raises and promotions aren’t always necessary. You can keep your current staff engaged and attract new talents by providing opportunities for growth, whether that means learning new skills at work or continuing education in off-site seminars. This not only keeps your staff interested, but allows them to discover more about your company’s industry as a whole. Talented applicants are always seeking growth and advancement opportunities, so making these available (and highly visible) in your office is a great way to attract quality candidates.

Recognize And Reward Your Employees’ Accomplishments

Though this could be tied into the first point about creating a positive work environment, it’s worth being mentioned on its own. Recognizing the contributions your employees make is vital. Not only will this practice translate directly into increases in employee morale, but it will help you attract top talents in your industry. Employees want to feel valued, and prospects will seek out opportunities that offer them this reward. Don’t feel confined to monetary rewards and work incentives: a simple acknowledgement of a job well done can go a long way towards making your employees feel valuable at work.

The three tips mentioned here will not only help you attract new talent, but will increase the chances of retaining current staff as well. If you’d like to learn more about talent acquisition and recruiting, or would like to explore employment agency franchise opportunities, please visit http://atworkfranchise.com/ today.


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