How Recruitment Franchises Identify and Attract Passive Candidates

How Recruitment Franchises Identify and Attract Passive Candidates

Any reputable recruitment franchise will tell you that the best person for the job isn’t always going to be interested in applying. If you’re trying to recruit somebody who isn’t actively looking for a new job, you’re courting a “passive candidate” – and you’re not alone. Passive candidates make up an estimated 75% of the workforce, which makes sense: if you want this talented prospect so badly, it usually means other employers will, too. Unfortunately, passive candidates can be extremely tough to win over to your company if you lack the right incentive or approach.

In this post, the AtWork team shares 3 strategies recruitment franchises use to identify and attract passive candidates. Read on to learn how to find the perfect fit for your company, whether they’re looking for new work or not!

LinkedIn Engagements

You’re probably already on LinkedIn; if you’re not, you’ve undoubtedly gotten an email or two from a friend or professional contact trying to invite you to join this social network. For recruitment franchises, LinkedIn is a valuable asset for finding and attracting passive candidates.

If you’re unfamiliar, LinkedIn is the world’s premier professional networking site, which makes it considerably different from the “recreational” social media most people do on Facebook and Twitter. Rather than posting selfies, liking statuses, and sharing pictures of your weekend debauchery, LinkedIn acts as a kind of virtual, interactive resume. It’s a great way to connect with potential employers and employee prospects, and it’s used by about 37% of the United States population today.

Because of its widespread usage, relatively user-friendly interface, and ability to create a traceable history of your work and professional relationships, LinkedIn is considered one of the most effective social media tools for recruitment. Finding and attracting passive candidates is easy. Simple search for the specific skill sets you’re looking for, then send the candidates a message to start a dialogue. If you want to take a more subtle approach, remember that LinkedIn informs users when a company or individual views their profile. Viewing a candidate’s profile multiple times is a strong yet subtle way of saying: “We’re interested!”

Don’t be intimidated by the digital world: there’s no reason to spurn this huge hiring pool. Besides, it’s free!

In-House Referrals

Ask your current employees for referrals for specific positions. They’ll wrack their brains for friends and family members with suitable skillsets with little care for where they’re currently employed, and will do most of the recruiting work for you. They’ll encourage friends to come and work under the same roof, and give very clear idea of what to expect in the workplace. Recruitment franchise research has shown that in-house referrals tend to stay at their new place of employment for longer than those found otherwise. You could even offer incentives for successful referrals.

Personalize Your Messages and Avoid Cold Calling At All Costs!

Whether you reach out via LinkedIn, email, or by phone, it’s vital that you personalize your message. Cold calling is perhaps the worst thing you could do to stand out to passive prospects. If they’re truly top talents, they’re already being solicited by other employers, and a generic cold-call copy will just sound forgettable to them. Be sure to personalize your message by listing the exact skills that they possess and how they would best fit into your company. Give as many concrete details as you can about pay, schedule, and how the job transition would benefit this individual.

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