How the Internet Changed the Job Hunt Staffing Franchise Experts Sound Off

How the Internet Changed the Job Hunt Staffing Franchise Experts Sound Off

In the modern world, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single social element that has been unaffected by the spread of Internet technology. Everything from shopping, to dating, to job seeking has undergone a radical change since people got online.

In this post, our staffing franchise experts discuss how the Internet changed hiring and job-hunting dynamics forever, and explain why staffing franchises gives you a much-needed edge.

How It All Began

Only a couple decades ago, the business world was a very different beast. Companies operated at a slower pace, and their products and services were generally confined to their local area. The Internet wasn’t as popular as it is today, and the competition in that space was much less.

Networking was everything, and the job hunt was more “who you know” than “what you know.”

If you wanted to find work, you’d contact a staffing franchise, and they would fax your resume out to companies looking for new hires. Everything moved at a slower pace, and more personalized relationships were developed.

How the Internet Changed the Job Hunt

The Internet changed things drastically. Applying became easier than ever, and hiring pools grew exponentially.

Craigslist was one of the first online classified listings that bridged the gap between employers and employee. Many employers abandoned the old job-posting model entirely, and found great staff using these listings.

The market changed again when specific job-seeking sites like Monster arrived on the scene, and yet again with professional social media networks like LinkedIn. Today, more people than ever are combing online platforms for job opportunities, and employers are taking advantage of huge online hiring pools to find the perfect people for the job.

Still, online job hunting problems exist. Employers get flooded with thousands of applications, with no real means of verifying listed credentials until interview day. This creates a logistical nightmare sifting through thousands of resumes to find the “right” candidate, only to find they had exaggerated or falsified claims to stand out from their competition. HR departments and small business owners ended up wasting a lot of time due to the unreliability of online hires.

Why Staffing Franchises Are Still On Top

Staffing franchises have enjoyed a recent surge in popularity as the demand for vetted hiring pools and targeted talent searches has increased. Now top-tier employers can save serious time and human resources, foregoing the thousands of anonymous resume submissions in favor of a short list of quality candidates from a reputable staffing firm. Rather than searching for a needle in a haystack, staffing franchises give you a box of needles and help you choose the sharpest one!

Staffing franchises are also enjoying renewed interest from job seekers who have grown frustrated with the vast competition and limited opportunities inherent of most popular online listings. Staffing franchises give job seekers access to “offline” hiring opportunities that will never appear on public job boards. Whether you’re seeking a temp position or a career in a specialized field, staffing franchises are still a preferred option in the Internet era.

You can learn more about staffing franchises by visiting our website or contacting your local franchise expert.


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