Should I Start a Staffing Company or Join a Staffing Franchise

Should I Start a Staffing Company or Join a Staffing Franchise

Staffing franchises have always been acknowledge as strong investment opportunities for aspiring business owners because they provide meaningful services and generate serious profit. The staffing and recruiting industry plays a vital role in the United States economic picture, providing job and career opportunities for more than 16-million employees each year. Without staffing franchises at work, employers would waste countless dollars and man hours trying to locate top talent, while job seekers who found their efforts fruitless would likely have to settle for undesirable full-time positions. In this way, the staffing franchise business is about making employers and employees happy, and business is good!

In 2016, the AtWork staffing franchise produced nearly $300 million in sales, and this figure has attracted many prospective business owners to our franchise model. But is it right for you? Is there a better way to get involved in this highly profitable industry?

Starting a Staffing Business On Your Own

Launching your own business can be tremendously gratifying, which is true in part because it’s so difficult to do on your own. When people talk about the dangers of starting a staffing business, they’re talking about self-starting, not staffing franchises.

So why is this the case? For starters, staffing business start-up is extremely exclusionary. If you lack a background in staffing, management, or recruiting, then launching your own business in this area makes little sense. This is especially true when you consider that the competition is highly trained, extremely experienced, and versed in best practices for advertising, training, and networking with top talents and employers. Competing with established staffing franchises and companies can be very difficult without knowledge or experience, and the learning curve is costly. Sinking a few thousand dollars into marketing to learn whether or not it works well for your particular business is a terrible idea early on, and it’ll only make it harder for you to claw your way out of the red.

Starting your own business also means that you’re starting a brand reputation from scratch. This can be crippling in the staffing world. Employers and prospects will have little interest in gambling their careers and companies on an unproven commodity, which makes it very tough to find clients as an unknown company in the staffing world. You may have to invest serious capital in marketing or sink hours into networking before you can start to attract clientele. Unfortunately, most start-up business owners can’t afford to wait around for a reputation to form after they’ve already blown most of their savings to get their doors open.

Starting Up with a Staffing Franchise

Staffing franchises offer a completely different experience for prospective business owners eyeing the staffing and recruitment sectors.

Unlike self-starting, launching a staffing business with a staffing franchise is very inclusive and attainable. Informed by decades of experience and the success stories of dozens of franchisees, staffing franchises like AtWork equip entrepreneurs¬†with all the skills, contacts, resources, and competencies they need to get started. You don’t need any experience in the staffing or recruitment world to launch a staffing franchise.

Best of all, working with a staffing franchise gives you the power of the AtWork brand. From your first day in business, you’ll attract prospects and employers impressed by the accolades, experience, and reputation of our staffing franchise, which means you will start making money sooner!

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