Prerequisites for Profitability: Must Haves for Staffing Franchise Success

Prerequisites for Profitability: Must Haves for Staffing Franchise Success

AtWork may be a “one stop shop” for your staffing franchise success, but that doesn’t mean you ever need to stop learning about your industry. The best staffing franchise owners are committed to continuing their education and arming themselves with new knowledge and skills. In fact, keeping up with the times and advancing your education may even be a prerequisite for your staffing franchise’s profitability.

In today’s post, we describe some must-have skills and attitudes for staffing franchise success. Read on and never be left behind with outdated recruiting skills!

Ensure your staffing franchise keeps up with the times.

Owning a staffing franchise is definitely not the kind of business you can leave on “auto-pilot,” though that is true of many industries in the modern era. In the past two decades, the staffing world has irrevocably changed, in large part due to the way the internet has increased peer-to-peer connectivity, giving job-seekers direct, low-pressure lines of communication to prospective employers. As technology continues its steady march forward – and continues to gain speed as it does – staffing franchise owners need to keep pace, or risk falling behind.

Fortunately, AtWork staffing franchise owners benefit from the research and development of a national brand with decades of experience. Franchising with our team means that you’ll never be left guessing as to how your business needs to develop; everything we do is optimized and up-to-date, from our marketing to our prospect outreach.

If you’re considering a staffing franchise under another brand, the following tips can help you keep pace with technology:

  • Take advantage of all the Information Era has to offer. We live in an age where business owners have more data about consumer needs, economic trends, and buyer behaviours than they know what to do with. Take advantage of the metrics available to you through your AdWords campaigns, website backend, and staffing franchise reports whenever you can; they will yield important information about where to focus your efforts. Also take the time to cultivate a list of industry-relevant websites that you frequent for breaking news, hiring booms, and labour shortages in your field. A data-driven staffing franchise can handle anything that this dynamic industry can throw at it!
  • Get social. Social media has quickly grown into a powerful tool for hiring and prospect outreach. Though most staffing franchise owners are familiar with the benefits of networking via LinkedIn, many are guilty of overlooking the value of more “informal” or “nonprofessional” platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Ask any parent about their Millennial child’s social media investment, and you’ll quickly see why it’s important to establish a strong presence on these sites. In the eyes of a modern, tech-savvy job-seeker, a company with no social media presence looks as bad as one with no physical signage.
  • Go mobile. Marketing statistics from last year’s Superbowl showed that for the first time in history, more than half of the viewers watched their famously high-budget commercials online using their mobile devices. This factoid spoke volumes about the direction that our society is moving, with increasing amounts of people spending increasing amounts of time on their mobile devices. If you want to attract the best of the next generation of hires, it behooves your staffing franchise to embrace the “mobile revolution” and find ways to optimize your ads for mobile audiences.

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