Importance of Support Staff in a Staffing Agency

Importance of Support Staff in a Staffing Agency

Like any other industry, the staffing world is permeated with buzzwords describing best practices, threats, and opportunities. Some enter the business lexicon from other industries, while others are born internally. Today, we focus on the term “support staff,” which has been circulated through every corner of industry, whether we’re talking about franchise trainers or occupational health nurses; real estate workers, health care professionals, and the best staffing agencies all rely on support staff to get the job done.

Without question, the best staffing agencies rely on strong leadership figures, but the incumbent leaders must also understand how integral support staff are if their strategies are to be carried out. If we can dip into military metaphor momentarily, you understand that even the best general will be helpless without a strong support staff of lieutenants, drill sergeants, and medical personnel to communicate strategies, train new recruits, and assuage any “pain points” that the troops may have.

Read on to learn 3 reasons why the best staffing agencies take support staff seriously!

Support Staff Boost Company Morale

The best staffing agencies understand how crucial support staff are for the morale, and therefore the productivity of their workers. Great support staff will act as a true point of differentiation; from the other side, low-quality or nonexistent support staff contribute to a work environment where employees are disgruntled, disengaged, and disinterested in performing.

Imagine that your company receptionist is upset after an angry client without an outlet unloads on her over the phone. Shaken, she would normally turn to your company support staff to vent her frustrations, seek consolation, and explore some strategies to handle this kind of client in the future. However, your company lacks support staff – now, your reception will be forced to stew in negative feelings for the remainder of the day instead. This can be very harmful to your business, since the receptionist is essentially the face of your company. Any clients, investors, or agents who contact your company that day will inform their “brand impression” of your business based off of the interaction they had with your angry receptionist. Short, surly answers may even dissuade them from doing business with you in the future.

Support Staff Free Up Valuable Company Resources

There’s an old saying that says you should “train your big guns on monsters, not ants.” What does this mean? The best staffing agencies know that the upper echelon of their corporate culture should be focusing on big-picture issues: these “big guns” should be aimed at “monster” issues like international expansion, product innovation, securing investors, large-scale marketing, and so on. This is what these resources are paid to do. However, it’s not possible if your franchises leadership resources are constantly being distracted with interoffice squabbles, entry-level training, and the like. This is where your support staff come in. When you invest in support staff, you essentially buy your “big guns” more time to shoot at the big targets.

Support Staff Increase Clarity and Productivity

The best staffing agencies operate according to a franchise model that has been field-tested and perfected over years of practice and refinement. This franchise model includes entry-level training recommendations, marketing guidelines, and many other business “best practices,” but the best laid plans are useless if they aren’t being taught. Support staff are typically responsible for ensuring that training goes well, and that all workers are in compliance with business best practices. This makes the company more efficient so that more can be accomplished, and profitability can increase.

Support Staff in the AtWork Group

The team at AtWork is committed to your franchise’s success – that’s why we’ve invested so much in a world-class support staff. Right from the beginning, our support staff will help you decide whether the franchise model is for you. As you progress in your journey, our support staff will tailor a custom training plan to equip you with the skills you need to excel. We use a hands-on approach to mentor franchisees to ensure their continued success. To find out more about the support staff you will gain access to as an AtWork Franchisee, visit – click here and find out why we’re considered one of the best staffing agencies in America!


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