Online Staffing Platforms: What They Are, and How to Use Them

Online Staffing Platforms: What They Are, and How to Use Them

The internet has revolutionized everything from social interactions to the dating scene, and staffing protocols are changing, too. Today, the best staffing agencies recognize that structural changes are occurring. Millennial employees are expecting to be recruited in ways that may be unfamiliar to the Baby Boomers hiring them.

Online staffing platforms are the way of the future. They’ve been growing in popularity since 2006, and are poised to become formidable economic forces in the not-so-distant future. These virtual staffing solutions allow freelancers and subcontractors to market their services directly to their employers, using a system that encourages open communication, community, and collaboration.

Understanding Online Hiring Platforms

The best staffing agencies will need to stay apprised of developments in hiring practices. Just like the business owner clinging to newspaper ads and fly campaigns, employers and staffing franchises who ignore the internet evolution will soon be left behind. To truly understand online hiring platforms, you must first know where they came from.

The advent of online hiring platforms began as early as the 1990s. Software developers wanted to invent a basic hiring vehicle that could bring freelancers and employers together, and make billing and payments simple. These simple roots quickly grew into the hiring platforms we know today, which now include features enabling crowdsourcing, aggregating, vetting, and more.

The Role of Staffing Franchises in Online Hiring

Why would the best staffing agencies bother learning about online hiring platforms? Aren’t they making our work redundant?

Not at all! In fact, they’re increasing the need for competent staffing professionals. Though online hiring platforms were intended to create a direct link between employer and employee, some problems exist within this model. Aside from the time and labor involved in combing through thousands of resumes to vet potential candidates, many employers lack the industry knowledge needed to protect themselves from low-quality workers and liability issues.

Staffing professionals will still be needed to curate the hiring process, ensure compliance, and connect business owners to top-tier talents. In and of themselves, online staffing platforms will not be able to provide true compliance services. Experts from the best staffing agencies will be needed to lend consultative guidance, and help enforce workforce regulations, employment classification, tax reporting, and labor laws.

Best Practices for Online Hiring – 3 Tips from the Best Staffing Agencies

These 3 strategies will help you weed out the low-quality workers and zero in on the winners when using online hiring platforms:

  • Pay attention to the candidate’s social intelligence. Though it can be hard to gauge without the communicative power of body language, social intelligence is critical with new hires. Even when you’re communicating via email, personality matters. Don’t get caught thinking that bottom-line experience is the only important factor when hiring. Be mindful of your potential employee’s interpersonal skills, communication skills, and emotional intelligence as you begin your correspondence.
  • Comb through their social media network. A good rule to guide your online hiring practice is to get acquainted with your candidate’s social media personality. Though you may not have the benefit of meeting them in person before you make your decision, you can catch a glimpse of who they are by reviewing their social media presence. The candidate’s behavior on social media will be a good indicator of whether they fit into your company’s culture.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover. Many older and foreign workers opt for online hiring platforms because of the benefits of anonymity. Sometimes the specialty skillset your company needs is hiding inside a disheveled-looking worker, or someone who dresses in a way that appears strange to you. On the other hand, don’t let yourself be smitten by a squeaky-clean resume and impressive sample work; ownership of the samples can be tough to verify, and committing “resume perjury” is not uncommon.

These three simple guidelines will help you make the most of online hiring platforms, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg. For specific, actionable advice you can use in your online hiring practice, click HERE today.


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