Testimonials: Use Them To Your Best Advantage

Testimonials: Use Them To Your Best Advantage

If you’re familiar with our employment agency franchise, then you’ve probably visited our website once or twice. And if you’ve visited our website, there’s a good chance that your eyes were drawn to the live testimonial feed located on the right-hand side.

The Benefits of Testimonials

For many people, testimonials will make or break a prospect’s trust in your company. Yes, it may be hard to believe, but online testimonials offer real value to your web presence when they’re used the right way. A website with testimonials that are well-written and prominently displayed will generate more sales, and attract more resume submissions than one whose owner neglects this important online reputation-building asset.

Granted, not all testimonials are created equally. Clunky, vague, and fake-sounding testimonials will do much more harm than good. So how do you make testimonials work for you, rather than against you?

Do’s and Don’ts to Apply to Your Online Testimonial Strategy

Never Fake It

The biggest mistake you can make when trying to build your online reputation is to fabricate testimonials. Don’t do this, ever!

Fake testimonials offer no value to your company. They’re never believable, and you’d be surprised at how astute users can be about sniffing out a shill. Worse yet, if you’re ever caught publishing fake testimonials, your credibility will be ruined.

Take it from our staffing franchise; you’re better off not posting any testimonials at all than creating phony ones. Don’t be in a rush to access the benefits of positive testimonials. If your product or service is good, you’ll attract the real-deal sooner or later.

Know Your Clientele

Some people make the mistake of alienating their audiences with testimonials by only showcasing “big names.” They don’t realize that testimonials resonate most when they’re relatable.

Let’s imagine that our employment agency franchise website featured the following testimonial in the live feed: “They took the time to find the real top performers in my field. They didn’t settle for the first resume they stumbled across, and business is booming on my end because of it. Thanks, AtWork!” – Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft.

Can you spot what’s wrong with this? Besides that it is completely fabricated, the biggest problem is that the endorsement won’t ring true with much of our audience. What do the employees (and employers) we work with have in common with a monstrous enterprise like Microsoft? Probably very little.It’s definitely a good idea to use testimonials from big names with industry authority, but they have to be mixed in with the “Average Joes” if you want to match your target audience. Keep this in mind as you move forward.

Be Specific!

A good testimonial shares some niceties about your company; a great one pinpoints the benefits of your particular products and services. Rather than trying to flood your site with short and vague one-liner testimonials, try to prioritize those with a bit more substance. The more facts and hard data they have, the better!

If your testimonials start to get a little too long, accommodate the reader’s attention span by directing them to important points using bold and italic text.

Put Your Testimonial Strategy to the Test

Hopefully, these three pointers will improve the quality of your testimonials and help boost your online reputation.

If you’re an employer whose testimonial strategy has still not yielded the volume of resume submissions you’re looking for, consider giving our employment agency franchise a try. To learn more about what we have to offer, visit us today!


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