The Importance of Marketing: Three Ideas for Effectively Marketing your Staffing Franchise

The Importance of Marketing: Three Ideas for Effectively Marketing your Staffing Franchise

Marketing¬†is no easy task, but it’s vital to your success, whether you’re the CEO of Coca Cola, or a new AtWork franchisee. Consider the following story:

Marketing Assets – The Key to Staffing Franchises’ Success

The CEO of Coca Cola is soaring across the country in his private jet. During a lull in the flight, he wanders into the cockpit and strikes up a conversation with the pilot.

Eventually, the pilot turns to the CEO and asks why he spends so much money on advertising.

“I’ve even seen pictures of Coke billboards in Africa!” the pilot exclaims over the thrum of the engine. “I just don’t understand why you’re spending millions every year on advertising when you’re already the number-one company in the world. Why not just stop already?”

The CEO smiles and jerks his thumb in the direction of the wing. “Why not just stop it already?” he replies, referring to the plane’s engines.

The pilot laughs. “I can’t turn the engine off – the plane needs it to stay in flight.”

The CEO nods. “Exactly.”

This is a great story that really underlines the importance of marketing for franchise owners. When you really think about it, your promotional campaign is the engine that drives your staffing franchise onward to success.

Marketing your Staffing Franchises

When you sit down to plan your franchise marketing strategy, you’ll have to consider two different things.

  • First, what will your marketing do for the consumer?
  • Secondly, how will it benefit your staffing franchise?

A quality marketing campaign will offer value to both sides of the interaction, directing people towards helpful, relevant products and services that meet their needs, while also boosting the business’ bottom-line.

So what kind of marketing assets provide this beneficial binary for staffing franchises? Read on to find out.

3 Staffing Franchise Marketing Ideas That Benefit the Consumer and your Business

  • PPC & SEO. We live in the internet era. Most staffing franchisers have figured out that investing in search engine marketing translates directly to improved visibility. From the consumer’s perspective, SEO and PPC will direct relevant, high-quality traffic to your staffing franchise website. This is very helpful for employers seeking the solutions you provide, and it also generates leads and sales for you.
  • Online reputation management.Encouraging online reviews and testimonials can go a long way towards spreading positive word about your staffing franchise. Online reviews can come from everything from Yelp and Amazon to the Better Business Bureau. Testimonials are generally easier to manage because you host them on your website, but both assets make a big difference. Consumers love seeing positive reviews and testimonials; an estimated 79% of online users trust reviews and testimonials as much as real-life recommendations from friends and family. Online reviews and testimonials will also boost your franchise development by showing prospective franchisees how the system is performing, as well as current franchisees’ experiences with the corporate branch.
  • Building media awareness.Building awareness in the media has gotten more attention from staffing franchise owners in recent years. You can reach out to publishers, editors, and producers with press releases of anything newsworthy your staffing franchise has done. They’ll appreciate the fresh content. Consumers trust these media outlets, especially given the variable nature of online news quality.

This brief introduction to staffing franchise marketing assets is only meant to whet your appetite; if you’d like to learn more from our staffing franchise experts, please visit


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