4 Hidden Benefits of Partnering with an Employment Agency Franchise

4 Hidden Benefits of Partnering with an Employment Agency Franchise

Today more than ever, business owners are recognizing the value of partnering with employment agency franchises. Some of the benefits are more visible and intuitive than others: you know that staffing franchises find better talents, but what are some of the less obvious advantages?

In this post, the AtWork employment agency franchise discusses 4 of the hidden benefits that business owners get when partnering with staffing companies.

You Save A Lot Of Money

But how? Employment agency franchises charge for their staffing services, whereas you could hire people yourself for free. Doesn’t it stand to reason that you’d lose money by working with a staffing franchise?

No! That’s a little like saying that you’d lose money paying for a lifetime warranty on your car. Sure, you’re paying a nominal fee up front, but you’re saving thousands on the inevitable repairs.

You make a small investment that pays you back tenfold: this is exactly what you’re doing when you hire an employment agency franchise. Rather than losing dozens of profitable hours sifting through never-ending resume submissions and sitting through dead-end interviews, you tell an AtWork representative what you’re looking for, and we handle the rest! This allows you to focus on growing your business with full confidence that experienced industry professionals are vetting top talents for your company. AtWork finds you the perfect candidate so that you don’t have to circle back and start the search all over again.

You Inch Ahead Of Your Competitors

Your company exists in a competitive, capitalist market that rewards excellence and punishes mediocrity. When you partner with an employment agency franchise like AtWork, you get a competitive edge. Learn valuable insights and information about hiring trends and opportunities, and enjoy streamlined access to top prospects who prefer employment agency franchise hiring over aimless job site searches. Furthermore, leaving your hiring in ours hands frees up your resources to focus on the R&D, marketing, and customer service duties this competitive market demands.

Fill Positions Faster

The longer your position remains unfilled, the longer one part of your company remains unprofitable. Conversely, you may have assigned a current employee “double duty” to handle the staff shortage, and this quickly reaches a point of diminishing returns: before long, your employee burns out, demands more money, or quits altogether.

Partnering with the AtWork employment agency franchise shortens the job search. You get a shortlist of quality candidates with skills and personalities that suit the position so that your company can get back to full operation faster.

Minimize HR Nightmares

Employee-employer disputes can grind a company’s productivity to a halt, consuming managerial resources and entire HR departments. The good news is that most employee-employer blowouts could be avoided with due diligence during the hiring phase. Different companies have different organizational cultures, and some personalities simply don’t fit, regardless of how impressive an employee’s skills and experiences may seem. The AtWork employment agency franchise selects candidates based on both personal and professional factors to ensure every client gets the perfect fit. Partnering with AtWork means minimizing the costs associated with bad employee outcomes.

If you’re like to learn more about the benefits of partnering with an employment agency franchise, or have questions about starting one of your own, visit our website today. Learn about employment agency franchises opportunities, read FAQs, and request a free consultation with our team today at http://atworkfranchise.com/.


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