4 Internet Hiring Tips from Pro Staffing Franchises

4 Internet Hiring Tips from Pro Staffing Franchises

It’s hard to find good help. This old business adage is truer than ever, despite the incredible peer-to-peer connectivity that internet technology affords job seekers and employer alike.

Until very recently, internet hiring and job posting was considered uncharted territory for most business owners, and it’s still in its formative years. New skills are needed to find, train, and hire personnel in the Information Age, which is why the AtWork Franchise team has assembled the following hiring tips. Read on to learn 4 skills and techniques used by professional staffing franchises to secure the best outcomes with their digital hiring efforts.

Nail Your Job Description

In the world of digital marketing and SEO, they say that “content is king.” Quality SEO content is relevant, clear, and concise. It contains useful information and often directs the user to take a certain action, whether that be clicking a link, buying a product, or filling out a contact form.

You should treat your job posting the same way. Treat every word of its content like a precious commodity. Challenge yourself to be brief yet informative, concise yet compelling. Highlight the best aspects of the job, but don’t leave out the dirty details, either. Don’t worry about turning some people off with these; you want quality with your applications, not quantity. Define the skills, attitudes, experience, and competencies this job demands. Then – like a quality piece of SEO content – include a “call to action.” Explain how to submit an application in detail, and make all contact information very prominent. The best job descriptions will also include a rough timeline for responses.

Take Advantage of the Video Medium

Google rewards rich media like videos for a reason: they know that users love to see them on a page. Pages with video get more clicks, more traffic, and more time on-site. This is exactly what you want with your job posting. Staffing franchises recommend taking advantage of the video medium whenever possible. Your job posting could include a video description of the position, a tour of the workplace, or a sample video resume to show users what a quality candidate looks like.

Consider Cultural Compatibility

Every organizational culture is different. Though “skills pay the bills” in the eyes of most employers, attitude and personality are also important. It can be tough for a candidate’s personality to translate through email interactions, so make sure to describe your organizational culture as best as possible. Does this position need somebody chatty and cheery? Does it demand quiet focus? Is team work required, or do candidates need to be completely independent? The more you can say about your organizational culture and the position’s personality requirements, the better!

Consult With a Professional Staffing Franchise

Many staffing franchises like AtWork offer free consultations, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and ask some questions about best practices for hiring. Staffing franchises have led the development of online hiring practices, and are the most authoritative people you can ask. Many staffing franchises will be able to provide you with a shortlist of quality candidates who possess the skills and experience your position needs, while also having a personality that matches well with your company.

Learn more hiring best practices from the AtWork Franchise team: visit http://atworkfranchise.com/ today and book a free consultation!


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