5 Strategies That the Best Staffing Agencies Use to Be Successful At Work

5 Strategies That the Best Staffing Agencies Use to Be Successful At Work

So you worked with one of the best staffing agencies in your area and found a job – great work! Now you’re wracked with nerves and feeling a little anxious about entering into a new work environment with a bunch of unfamiliar faces.

Don’t worry: AtWork franchise is one of the best staffing agencies in the United States, and our team has put together 5 strategies you can use to be successful in your new position. Follow these 5 tips and you’ll enjoy an easy transition into your new job, while also speeding yourself towards advancement opportunities in the future!

  1. Create a routine and arrive on time. What’s one of the best things you can do to be well-received at your new job? Show up on time and work hard! It’s painfully obvious advice that is somehow still overlooked by many people in the workforce. Arriving on time should be your top priority, and it’s best accomplished by sticking to a productive morning routine. It doesn’t have to be complex or over-achieving, and the way you arrange it is entirely up to you. Some people perform best at work with a morning workout; others need to watch the news or read the paper before they head out the door. Whatever you decide, be sure to embrace a routine that will wake you up and get your mind right for the forthcoming workday. A little structure can go a long way!
  2. Don’t skimp on your preparation. You will be much happier, more confident, and more productive at work if you know you’re prepared for the job when you punch in for the day. The best staffing agencies will do most of the work for you in this regard: AtWork goes to great lengths to match employee profiles with perfect positions. None of the best staffing agencies will ever shortlist you for a job you’re not qualified to take. That said, there will be times where you have to prepare for specific tasks. Whether you’ve got a big presentation, a high-stakes client luncheon, or huge line of trucks to unload that day, the onus is on you to be mentally and physically prepared.
  3. Keep a positive outlook. No matter where you work (or who you’re forced to work with!), your attitude is always under your control. Keeping a positive outlook will not only help you deal with workplace stresses and boost your productivity, but it will rub off on others as well. It won’t take long for management to take notice of your leadership potential and motivating impact on the rest of the team!
  4. Embrace a student’s mentality. Having an impressive resume is important, but you’re rarely going to walk into a job where you know exactly how everything works on day one. This means that you’ll be spending much of your initial time at work learning from others, so try your best to be a coachable employee. Listen carefully, seek out constructive criticism, and remain open to different perspectives. This is a very important skills for job seekers, especially those who are looking to move up in their new company.
  5. Be a good teammate. Teammates need to be loyal, hardworking, and supportive of each other’s efforts. Though you shouldn’t try to assert yourself as “part of the team” within your first week at work, you should always be moving in that direction. Work hard during collaborative projects, speak kindly about your peers, and cover shifts when you’re able. Take advantage of opportunities to show your peers that you’re a good team player, and management will soon take note!

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