Seasonal Staffing Tips from a Staffing Franchise

Seasonal Staffing Tips from a Staffing Franchise

As the sweltering summer continues to reward us all with sunshine, travel companies, beach vendors, and sports retailers enjoy a profitable seasonal rush. If your company’s busy season is just around the bend, the following seasonal staffing tips will come in handy!

Start Early

Treat your seasonal staffing strategy like your seasonal shopping: start early, or suffer! How many years have you spent hours circling mall parking lots for a space or standing stiff in line because you waited until the final hour to do your holiday shopping? The nearer you get to the holidays, the busier the malls and parking lots get, and seasonal hiring is exactly the same. You’re not going to be the only company who needs extra hands on deck to manage the seasonal rush, so you’d better start early. Don’t risk behind left to settle for a less desirable employee just because all the top talents got scooped up early.

Many people procrastinate with their seasonal hiring because they see it as a bit of a hassle. It’s not fun to sift through resume submissions or host unpromising interviews when you could be out there chasing sales, after all. If that’s the case, hiring a staffing franchise is just what you need. You simply explain what kind of skills, experience, and personality types you’re looking for, then leave the rest to us. Grow your business while we round up talented seasonal hires – now you have no excuse to wait until the last minute!

Involve Your Employees

Nobody knows how demanding a seasonal rush can be better than your employees. They’ve dealt with it all before and know exactly what to expect, which means they’ll have a good eye for promising candidates. If somebody’s not right for the job, they’ll know. Don’t be afraid to consult your current staff on the hiring decisions you make. They want what’s best for the company, because that’s best for them too.

Tell your staff that you’re open to referrals for the next holiday hiring period. In doing so, you give them a chance to get involved and recruit a grateful friend or family member, and effectively get a bit of free human resources work!

Be Up Front About The Temporary Nature Of The Position

Many employers make the mistake of suggesting to their seasonal hires that this could become a long term position, when they really have no intention of adding more full-time workers. This is done under the assumption that it will attract more applications. Some employers also think that temporary workers will be less invested in the company’s success, and therefore less productive at work, and try to hire people with a “full time mentality” for temporary positions. This is misleading and can be very hurtful to the reputation of your company. Don’t hire seasonal staff under false pretenses, as it could scare off quality full time job seekers when you do want to bring in more permanent staff.

Hire A Staffing Franchise

Temporary workers have a “fly by night” reputation in the eyes of some employers, which makes seasonal hiring unappealing, even when it’s badly needed. But seasonal hiring doesn’t have to be a “necessary evil.” The AtWork staffing franchise works exclusively with top talents in various industries, and will provide you with a shortlist of quality candidates who are perfectly suited for whatever seasonal position you need to be filled. Visit or give us a call today to learn about the benefits of partnering with a staffing franchise and get a free quote from our team.


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