5 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs

5 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs

This may seem unfathomable to our Millennial readers, but the AtWork employment agency franchise actually predates the Internet. Yes, that’s right: we networked with employers and job seekers before social networks were a thing, and we built a winning reputation in the staffing world before you could even talk about our 5-star service on Yelp or Google+.

AtWork was founded in the 1980s, and has since risen to become a recognized industry leader with the academic and experiential knowledge needed to secure best outcomes for both sides of the employment equation. In our three-plus decades of experience, we’ve spoken to hundreds of employers, many of whom told us horrifying hiring tales.

We have heard some awful stories about the mistakes employers made trying to cut time out of the hiring process: everything from skipping the screening process to blindly trusting employee referrals. Very few of these stories end well, and most of the time it takes years for the employer to recover from the experience – if they do at all.

With this in mind, our employment agency franchise would like to share some insider information picked up from these hiring horror stories. Read on to learn 5 hiring mistakes your company should avoid at all costs.

  • Failing to define your ideal hire. You’ll never be happy with your hire if you can’t first define a hire who’d make you happy! Know what it takes to do the job right, and make sure that your job description is up to date. Omit no detail, no matter how small! Mention the skills – social, academic, and interpersonal – that are needed for the job, and think hard about who would be the right fit. If you don’t, you could let the ideal candidate pass you by.
  • Hiring based on blood. Hiring family or close friends can be wonderful, but it can also be a complete nightmare where professional stresses spoil personal connections. Don’t let favoritism distort your view of reality. If your friend or family member doesn’t have the skills and training for the job, no amount of loyalty is going to make up for it. Many employers contact our employment agency franchise after having hired a friend or family member in the worst way possible, having skipped the interview and hiring process altogether! And while workplace tensions with a loved one are tough, terminating a friend or family member is even harder!
  • Favoring personality over professional skill. A productive workplace is a friendly one filled with personable people, but not at the expense of professional skills. A candidate might win you over with their personality during the interview, but the onus is on you to verify their skills and training. It doesn’t matter if they fit into your organizational if they don’t add anything meaningful to it!
  • Dismissing your gut feeling. Don’t get desperate to fill open positions. If you find somebody with passable skills, training, and experience, you might be tempted to push through any bad gut feelings so that you can wrap up the hiring chore. Don’t do it: trust your gut and hire only those who you’re confident will blend well into your organizational culture.
  • Failing to use an employment agency franchise. One of the biggest mistakes we see is employers ignoring the benefits of staffing firms. It’s fast, effective, and provides a level of quality assurance you won’t get anywhere else. Visit http://www.atworkfranchise.com to learn more about the benefits of partnering with an employment agency franchise.

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