Short Notice Staffing Solutions Can A Temp Agency Franchise Help

Short Notice Staffing Solutions Can A Temp Agency Franchise Help

When you need temporary staff, contact a temp agency franchise; it’s a solution as simple as it is intuitive. In doing so, you can save yourself the trouble of explaining to candidates how the work is not going to be long-term: the temp agency franchise short-lists only those who are qualified, ready and willing to accept the job on your terms, which cuts out those awkward, time-consuming conversations.

But what if the job must be filled on extremely short notice? Business owners across multiple industries occasionally have to deal with a sudden influx of staff demand. For retail companies, this happens often during the holiday shopping season, or on the dreaded Black Friday. For those in the world of agriculture and tourism, seasonal weather will dictate their work rushes. You require these workers for a few months at most, but you need them fast.

Whatever your industry, partnering with a temp agency franchise can help you find staffing solutions fast. Read on to learn 2 reasons why business owners rely on the AtWork franchise for their short notice staffing needs.

Save Time on Short-Notice Staffing Solutions

If you only need to fill a job or two, you could probably get away with running through the hiring process on your own. You could run an ad in the paper, post one on a free online classified site, or reach out via social media. If you’d rather a bit more quality control, you could even solicit interviews and resumes through your currently employees and professional network.

Unfortunately, things change when you’re working with limited time. Suddenly, the rules change. You no longer have time to call their listed references, thoroughly read through dozens of resume submissions, or even host comprehensive interviews. Rather than relieving your workload during the busy season, your hiring and screening efforts end up adding responsibilities and detracting from your productivity.

Working with a temp agency franchise is a simple solution when you’re feeling the time crunch. They’ll be able to short-list qualified candidates for your company very quickly. This is because recruiters are always populating short lists of candidates for different industries. An active temp agency franchise is pre-approving and selecting talented job seekers every day, not just when you call them in a panic! If you’ve worked with the temp agency franchise in the past, you’ll enjoy even faster results, as they’ll understand the unique needs of your company and organizational culture.

High-Quality Candidates Delivered Under the Gun

Most companies working under a time crunch will have to bite the bullet and hire some less-than-ideal employees. This is a big problem when you’re looking for temp work, as unqualified or uncaring employees will invest even less in a job well done when they know they’re not working in a permanent position. They figure that since they’ll only be working in this environment for a few months, they can skirt their responsibilities and collect a paycheck with minimal effort. This costs business owners a lot in employee wages and productivity, and these kinds of workers will also consume a lot of leadership resources as managers try to motivate and correct their mistakes for hours a day.

Choosing a quality temp agency franchise is the best way to vet quality candidates on short notice. At the AtWork franchise, our team is always looking for up and coming talent. We do our due diligence with background checks, interview screening, and skill testing, and will shortlist only qualified, highly motivated workers.


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