3 Post-Winter Hiring Tips from a Staffing Franchise

3 Post-Winter Hiring Tips from a Staffing Franchise

It’s no surprise that the economy cools down in the colder months. This is as true for our staffing franchise as it is for any other business in the United States. But winter is almost behind us, and many people are starting to come out of hibernation with their mind set on reentering the workforce.

If you’ve been eyeing expansion for your business, the following 9 staffing tips from our leading staffing franchise should help you populate that company roster with quality candidates in no time!

Consider your best customers and fans.

Over time, any quality business will develop a dedicated group of customers and brand-loyal supporters. This same group can function as a handy hiring pool, especially if you’re looking to fill entry-level positions. These people will be naturally enthusiastic about the product or service that your company offers, and who better to represent your brand than somebody who is already a believer? Get in touch with your best customers and see whether they’d be interested in working for you. This is easier than ever with social media; your biggest brand fans will probably already be engaging your Facebook page or Twitter feed, so reaching out should be a breeze!

Talk to your existing staff.

One thing our staffing franchise is often surprised to learn is how rare it is for a company owner to consult their staff about new hires. Though there can be issues when friends or social acquaintances are allowed to work together (especially when they need to comply with workplace hierarchies that don’t necessary exist when they’re socializing outside of work!), that’s not always the case. New hires may adapt to your work environment at an accelerated pace when they have a familiar face there to guide them, and your existing staff member may have a sense of ownership about the outcome of the reference they provided, which means they’ll motivate the new hire to do their best.

Still, it’s important to set boundaries. Take it from the experts at our staffing franchise – working with family can get messy, and is often worth avoiding!

Leave it to the professionals.

Hiring a staffing franchise is the best-case scenario for your hiring needs. Not only do staffing franchises typically have a greater level of experience than a company’s human resources department can muster, but they can also reduce the cost associated with hiring. Hiring a staffing franchise relieves the employer of much of the work that must be done in the pre-employment stage, including background investigations, drug screening, and so forth. Imagine the time you’ll save not having to comb through resumes, classified listings, and cover letters any more.

Furthermore, hiring a staffing franchise will find you the best matches, which means increased productivity and employee retention rates. In fact, the AtWork staffing franchise beats the industry average of talent and client satisfaction by at least three times more than the next business. Best of all, you’ll get top-tier talents without having to waste hours dialing up resume references.

AtWork Franchise has been honored with a number of awards, including the Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction and Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction awards. You can find out exactly why so many American business owners are choosing us to secure their most important assets – people – by visiting http://atworkfranchise.com/who-are-we/ today.


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