3 Reasons to Partner with an Employment Agency Franchise

3 Reasons to Partner with an Employment Agency Franchise

Have you been considering the notion of partnering your business with an employment agency franchise? You’re not alone; many business owners are starting to embrace the value of outsourcing this vital service, recognizing the ways in which employment agency franchises act as natural extensions of their human resources departments.

Some business owners resisted this idea, convinced that it meant giving up control of their hiring process, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, you are strengthening your hiring process and elevating your level of control. A general doesn’t “give up control” by delegating command of a unit to a sergeant; they gain greater control of the battlefield by being able to manage multiple fronts at once. In the same way, partnering with an employment agency franchise is a great strategic move that will pay dividends for your business.

There are a number of advantages associated with hiring employment agency franchises to work alongside your company. The AtWork team discusses some of them below.

Free up your time for profitability.

Finding, hiring, and training employees is a serious time-sink that most business owners cannot afford. But you cannot rush through this vital process, either. Proper hiring can takes weeks or even months to complete successfully, and this is all time that could be spent focusing on boosting your business’s bottom line.

Partnering with an employment agency franchise frees up time for small and enterprise-level businesses alike. For small business owners, it means you can spend more time on the front lines rather than thumbing through resume submissions. For enterprise-level companies, it means your HR department can turn their focus to internal issues that are limiting productivity in the workplace. In either case, employment agency franchises will give you more time to focus on what really matters.

Protect your investments.

When small business owners make poor hiring decisions, the onus falls on them. That means that you have to pay out of pocket (or out of hours of the day) to find a replacement. However, most employment agency franchises will give you a service guarantee which can be leveraged in the event that a new hire doesn’t pan out. In other words, any time you hire an employment franchise agency, you are ensuring that a quality candidate is found – and that you won’t be distracted until the job is done!

Improve the quality of your candidates.

Posting ads for open positions online typically welcomes a slew of resumes of varying quality. You’ll be flooded by applications, many of whom won’t have what it takes to handle the position. The onus falls on you or your HR department to navigate this mess of submissions, and find the needle in the haystack. Many business owners aren’t qualified to identify top talents, while others simply lack the time.

When you partner with an employment agency franchise, however, you get streamlined access to top-tier talents in your industry. AtWork franchise members will help you identify, vet, and contact qualified individuals for the position you need to fill. In addition, you’ll benefit from critical hiring advice and industry-experienced perspectives to ensure that only the best candidates are called for interviews.

To learn more about the benefits of outsourcing to employment agency franchises, visit http://atworkfranchise.com/ today.


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