4 Internet Trends Temp Agency Franchise Owners Need on their Radar for 2016

4 Internet Trends Temp Agency Franchise Owners Need on their Radar for 2016

In the Internet Era, technology is evolving at a scorching pace, and it’s affecting the way every industry’s doing business. In this dynamic economic climate, temp agency franchise owners have two choices: keep up, or fall behind. We’ve seen businesses blindsided by the rise of new technology; look no further than the downfall of the behemoth Blockbuster brand to see the dangers of chaining your business to a static electronic medium.

With this in mind, our temp agency franchise team would like to present 4 internet trends that all franchisers should keep on their radar in 2016.

Going Mobile

Mobile web searches are dominating user behaviors on the web, and business owners will need to understand how this affects their marketing strategy. 82% of Super Bowl Ad searches happened on mobile devices this year, up from 70% in 2015. This indicates that an overwhelming majority of the Millennial demographic are turning to their mobile device as their main querying gadget. If your temp agency franchise is going to keep up and appeal to these highly-desirable hires, you’re going to need to start making your content, emails, web pages, social assets, and job listings mobile-friendly.

If you neglect your mobile-friendly duties, major audiences will bounce away from your content and never hear your brand message or hiring information. Your content will show up in distorted and out of scale, and your precious users will turn to a competitor’s site instead.

In addition, Google algorithm changes are now rewarding mobile-friendly websites. If your temp agency franchise is going to stay competitive in the search rankings, you need to mobile-optimize your content.

Video Advertising

2016 will be the year that video advertising really takes off as a temp agency franchise marketing “best practice.” We all enjoy rich video media more than a dense block of text, but video advertising in particular is going to attract a lot of Google “juice” for temp agency franchise companies trying to rank in this competitive industry. Of course, this will also affect the hiring industry directly; job seekers will start to expect video job advertisements, and employers will start to demand video resumes.

Social Network Surge

Social media isn’t going away. Its growth is actually accelerating, with popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram now acting simultaneously as a form of interaction, entertainment, media coverage, and promotion. If your temp agency franchise is going to succeed, you’ll need to invest some time and effort into building a social media presence. This will give you opportunities to interact directly with candidates, clients, and prospective franchisees, which will both increase the breadth of your professional network and allow you to build and maintain loyalties. Temp agency franchise owners should look to make social media both a part of their marketing and recruitment strategies.

Secure Sites Will Succeed

Temp agency franchise sites will need to buff up their security protocol if they want to stay competitive in 2016. Google is looking to prioritize web security for a safer user experience, and this means preferential treatment for temp agency franchise sites with secure HTTPS pages and reputable web hosting services. If your site has loopholes or dormant security threats, expect to get pushed down the rankings this year.

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