6 Surprising Recruitment Franchise Facts

6 Surprising Recruitment Franchise Facts

If you’ve leveraged the services of a recruitment franchise, or have considered starting one yourself, you may think you’ve learned all you need to know about this business model, but think again! Many business owners and prospective franchisees have really only scratched the surface.

Today, our recruitment franchise shares 6 surprising facts about the industry to inform your franchise or business decision-making for the future.

Recruitment franchises service nearly every industry.

For some reason, people often subscribe to the idea that recruitment franchises have tunnel vision. In their minds, if you’re not seeking admin work, recruit franchises won’t be much help. But they’re wrong.

Today, top recruitment franchises place candidates in jobs in virtually every industry. It doesn’t matter whether your job search or recruitment needs veer into the medical, finance, technology, or manufacturing sector; the right recruitment franchise will be able to help.

Recruitment franchises go by many different names.

If you’re a business owner or a job-seeker, you might be overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of “related businesses” offering to help. Recruitment franchises, temp agencies, staffing agencies, employment agencies, staffing firms – how do you choose who to turn to in your time of need?

The truth is that they’re all essentially the same. Don’t let the franchise recruitment industry jargon confuse you; these companies all provide basically the same function.

Recruitment franchises recruit for high and low-level positions.

Many people associate the term “temp agency” with a company that finds low-level work for modest pay to help students and young professionals fresh out of college find work to pay their bills. But that’s simply not the case. Recruitment franchises are constantly seeking candidates in the upper echelon of the professional world as well as entry-level workers. A quality recruitment franchise will build diverse hiring pools with different levels of experience, education, and specialized skills to accommodate any company’s needs.

Recruitment franchises find candidates for both temporary and long-term positions.

Another temp-agency related myth is that recruitment franchises will only find candidates temporary positions. In reality, quality recruitment franchises will locate both temporary and permanent professional work. Don’t discount recruitment franchises if you’re seeking a long-term career move.

Recruitment franchises don’t take their candidate’s money.

Some candidates are scared away from recruitment franchises because they hear horror stories (or rather, urban legends!) about these companies taking big chunks of their paycheck as compensation. Naturally, this is a big cause of concern; you want every dollar that you’ve earned, so why would you sign on with a recruitment franchise that is going to cut your payday in half? Don’t worry; no reputable recruitment franchise will take money from their workers – they’re paid by their clients, not their hires.

Recruitment franchises get candidates access to “hidden” job markets.

One of the primary benefits for candidates working with recruitment franchises is that it gives them access to hidden opportunities. Many jobs aren’t advertised publicly; business owners rarely turn to online listings and classified sections for quality, career-oriented positions, preferring to outsource their hiring for important jobs exclusively to recruitment franchises. Business owners choose recruitment franchises to free up company resources and save money. For this reason, approaching a recruitment franchise to find work can pay dividends. You’ll gain access to an otherwise invisible list of job opportunities.

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