4 Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Job

4 Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Job

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what degree you’ve picked up after a post-secondary stint: finding your dream job is never easy. Indeed, many people go their entire lives bouncing from one placeholder position to the next, never quite satisfied with what they’re doing, but forced to find some way to pay the bills.

Though they often say that finding the right job is more about “who you know” than “what you know,” our staffing franchise begs to differ. Granted, having a strong professional network and a rolodex full of industry contacts will be a big help, but there are many things you can do to improve your chances that don’t involve rubbing elbows with the industry’s elite.

In the following article, we discuss 4 techniques you can use to increase the likelihood of landing your dream job in 2016. This information has been sourced from nearly four decades of experience as a staffing franchise that deals with the details of hiring and employment daily.

Apply To A Staffing Franchise

It will come as no surprise that this is our first piece of advice for those seeking their dream job. Companies like AtWork offer employees some serious advantages. Partnering with these companies will give you access to many more employment opportunities, especially when you consider how many businesses these days draw new hire almost exclusively from the hiring pools that staffing franchises compile for them. It saves the company time and money, and gives the employer a “seal of approval” that they simply can’t find hiring from a stack of no-name resumes or a faceless online application.

Build your social media presence

In 2016, employers are turning to social media to guide and inform their hiring in a big way. Not only are company owners reaching out directly to attractive candidates through common platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, but they’re using these assets to help vet potential hires; you’ve probably read at least one story of a prospective employee who was fired or lost their job opportunity because of a crass social media post, so be careful about the “brand” you establish using these channels!

Aside from this “defensive” strategy of maintaining a squeaky-clean social media presence, you can actively pursue leads through these platforms. Connect with hiring managers, interact on company pages, and reach out to employees at different companies to get some insider-information about your dream job.


Many job-seekers from the millennial generation think that social media networking is enough, and it’s not! If you’re looking for a dream job, you need to present yourself as a dream candidate, and that means attending networking events in person that are relevant to the industry you’re pursuing. Some cost money, but many are free, and they offer an excellent means of expanding your phone book and establishing the relationships that could come in handy for the next round of hiring.

Hone Your Craft and Show Its Value

You should already be honing your craft through schooling, training, certifications, and on-the-job experience, but many dream-job seekers don’t show off the value that they have to offer. This point ties into our earlier discussion of social media since that’s a great place to show your work, publically thank clients after successful projects, and otherwise hock your wares. But don’t forget freelance platforms like Upwork: you’ll find value in building strong reviews here, and on other review sites. Get people talking about your skills in a positive way and your dream employers will start to take notice.


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