5 Ways to Use Social Media Assets to Supercharge Your Job Hunt

5 Ways to Use Social Media Assets to Supercharge Your Job Hunt

Has the drag of the job hunt got you down? The problem might be staring you in the face, for an estimated 3-5 hours a day, which is about how long the average millennial spends thumbing through their social media feed!

That’s right; according to some of the nation’s leading recruitment franchises, a few social media faux-pas are all it takes to cost yourself a chance to land that exciting new job you’ve been eyeing. In this 5-point breakdown, the Atwork recruitment franchise team offers tips to help you make the most of your social media assets on your next job hunt.

  • Get personal with Privacy Settings. You’ve undoubtedly heard a story about somebody costing themselves a job or promotion by railing against their boss in a highly-visible social media setting. In today’s world of internet-enabled transparency, it can be tough to keep your personal and professional lives entirely separate on social media. Fortunately, social media staples like Facebook and Twitter have offered features giving users the ability to maintain this separation without having to censor yourself completely. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with privacy settings on your favorite social media platforms, now’s the time! Every time you post something online, you have the option of making it public or private. Job seekers and professionals should try to limit their social media “Friends” to actual friends, and set their share setting to “Friends Only” by default. But that’s a broad-stroke solution; there are many other nuances to social media privacy settings you can use, so get familiar with them and stay safe!
  • Lean on LinkedIn as your professional social media platform of choice. Tell your professional contacts that you prefer to connect via LinkedIn. This will help you maintain a professional image without forcing you to censor your interactions with more personal peer groups. LinkedIn has many of the same connective capabilities as other social media platforms, so you won’t be missing out on any of the benefits.
  • Manage your professional profile daily. Try to include professional profile management on your itinerary whenever you can. Make sure that your profile picture is warm, professional, and flattering. Fill your feed with high-quality, highly relevant information that pertains to your industry or skills. Share posts that you think your professional network would find helpful. If you have multiple professional accounts, you can save time using programs like TweetDeck and HootSuite, which allow you to schedule and post across multiple platforms simultaneously.
  • Build an online resume, not a brand. Too many people are fixated on acquiring “social capital” through witty one-liners and peacocking pictures, but your focus should be more professional in nature. Employers are more likely to be impressed by portfolio samples, comprehensive job histories displayed on LinkedIn, positive referrals and endorsements from previous coworkers, and so on. Use your social media to build an online resume, not a personal brand.
  • Give back to your desired professional network. Social media is all about reciprocation. Take some time to give Likes, Shares, Favorites, and Re-Tweets out to your peers, and you’ll be much more likely to have this social capital reciprocated. Write endorsements and reviews for your colleagues: it’s a great way to forge lasting professional relationships, and it encourages employers to see you as more of an authority if they spot your referral proudly displayed by someone else.

We hope these 5 social media tweaks will be of use in your next job hunt. If you’d like to learn more job-seeking tips, or take the help of a professional recruitment franchise, visit http://atworkfranchise.com/ today.


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