How Staffing Agency Franchises Benefit Workers and Businesses Alike

How Staffing Agency Franchises Benefit Workers and Businesses Alike

Owning a staffing agency franchise is a profitable and rewarding business model. In today’s post, we highlight a few reasons why business is so good, and explain how staffing agency franchises make life better for employers and job-seekers alike. Read on to learn why working with AtWork can build your bank account and support our economy all at once!

How Staffing Agency Franchises Benefit Workers

  • Complete freedom of choice. Working with the AtWork staffing agency franchise family gives candidates freedom of choice in an increasingly changing job market. More and more employers are seeing the benefits of working with flexible staff made up of temporary workers, and staffing agency franchises bridge the gap between businesses and job seekers in a way that ensures the best outcomes for both parties. Candidates boasting a variety of job skills will have the luxury of choosing which assignment appeals to them the most, and in doing so will move one step closer to discovering long-term career paths. Many people have found gratifying full-time positions through temporary employment contracts secured through AtWork.
  • Bring balance to your personal and professional life. Temporary work arrangements grant candidates the time they need to attend to other responsibilities in life, whether it be an ailing parent, maintaining a household, or simply finding more time for friends. Temporary work is extremely popular with stay-at-home parents, students, entrepreneurs, and amateur athletes. Furthermore, temporary work is ideal for military families, or anyone else whose significant other is frequently required to move.
  • Unimaginable networking opportunities. Beyond the obvious work experience, flexibility, and financial incentive, temporary work gives employees valuable networking opportunities. Working with staffing agency franchises gives workers the chance to meeting dozens of professionals from a number of different industries, which both increases their likelihood of securing permanent employment within the organization, and opens up possibilities in related industries through referrals.

How Staffing Agency Franchises Benefit Businesses

  • Making your business more adjustable, and therefore more cost-efficient. Leveraging temporary work forces allows business owners to clamp down on their staffing costs. Rather than paying fixed wages regardless of seasonal sales, employers can buff up their roster during the rush season, and rely on a “skeleton crew” to keep things afloat during the slower months. Partnering with staffing agency franchises also gives employers a reliable pool to draw from in the event of absences due to employee illness, maternity leave, vacation, or termination. Furthermore, staffing agencies let businesses call in reinforcements to tackle big projects, special promotions, or sudden expansions without any inconvenience or excessive cost.
  • Create a competitive, incentivized entry-level. Working with staffing agency franchises gives business owners a chance to put all prospective full-time employees through a “trial run’ with full transparency. You will be hiring temporary workers with no promise to offer full-time positions, so there will be no hard feelings when the contract ends and the employer parts ways with the workforce. However, if certain temporary workers stand out and grab your attention, you will have the choice of offering full-time positions. These temporary-turned-permanent employees will enjoy an easy transition, having already built relationships with your staff and completed your entry-level training. Once word of the possibility of full-time positions has spread, you will enjoy the productivity benefits of a motivated workforce competing for your attention, all without the obligation or hiring or the inconvenient of firing.
  • Save time on HR headaches. Working with staffing agency franchises means eliminating the timesink that is writing job descriptions, scouting out the best hiring platforms and candidate pools, posting job offers, separating the “wheat from the chaff” in your email inbox, running background checks, and scheduling interviews! Your company can continue with business as usual while AtWork creates a shortlist of qualified candidates best suited to your position.

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