Why Should I Partner with a Recruitment Franchise?

Why Should I Partner with a Recruitment Franchise?

Whether you’re looking to buy a recruitment franchise or looking to hire one for your business, you need to know why it makes sense to partner with a staffing company. In today’s post, the AtWork team breaks it down, highlighting 3 benefits for clients and franchisees partnering with recruitment franchises.

  • Cost savings. Ask any human resources professional about the cost involved in hiring talent to fill a niche position within an organization, and they’ll have plenty to talk about. Beyond the unquantifiable time sink that is the interview and selection process, there is a laundry list of tasks and expenses involved in hiring in any market. Employers need to complete backgrounds checks on prospects, get in touch with professional and character references, and occasionally test for drug or alcohol consumption. When employers try to fit this all on their shoulders, the entire business gets weighed down.

    Partnering with a recruitment franchise eliminates these costs. Staffing companies will perform background and security checks, and handle all advertising for vacant positions. Our team has its finger on the pulse of top tier public hiring platforms, as well as privileged access to a number of exclusive staff and staffing pools. We have staff available right away so that businesses never have to overwork or inconvenience their existing staff with overtime and increased workloads during seasonal rushes. Additionally, the cost per hire is highly predictable when working with recruitment franchises, which helps businesses plan for the long-term and work within their present budget. Partnering with a recruitment franchise is fiscally responsible for businesses, and that’s great news for our franchisees!

  • Time savings. Staffing research suggests that the average employers spends 22.5 days interviewing prospective hires before finding a qualified candidate. Whether the business owner delegates this duty or takes it on himself, this means 22.5 days where somebody on the payroll is not doing their assigned work. This only exacerbates the manpower shortage that drives business owners to hire in the first place. Partnering with recruitment franchises is recognized as a cost-effective way of expanding a business roster without disrupting productivity. Additionally, working with recruitment franchises streamlines the hiring process; many firms have candidates on-hand, so that any manpower shortages can be filled right away, rather than 22.5 unproductive days later.
  • Flexibility. Countless organizations in America work according to the ebb and flow of seasonal rhythms. For example, a landscaping company will peak in business over the summer and fall months, then grind to a halt in the winter. The bottom line is that many organizations have temporary hiring needs, and recruitment franchises are reliable and efficient channels that businesses rely on to remain flexible in this regard. Recruitment franchises give business owners a way to access hiring pools filled with top-tier candidates who have already been background checked, and who understand the nature of their short-term employment. Business owners can pick and choose with no obligation to keep these employees for the long term. It’s a stress-free solution that has built entire seasonal staffing industries, and it’s a need that recruit franchise owners can rely on to fuel their businesses.

You can learn more about the benefits of working with recruitment franchises, or speak with a consultant to learn more about getting started by visiting http://www.atworkfranchise.com.


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