3 Tips for Working with an Employment Agency Franchise Consultant

3 Tips for Working with an Employment Agency Franchise Consultant

From the perspective of the business owner, expanding your business will be one of the most drastic decisions you make in your career – though certainly not in a negative sense! Growing your company means a lot of things: new marketing, new product and service development, and most importantly, new hires! It sounds like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be a headache.

Expanding a company is the business world equivalent of buying a new home: it’s exciting, stressful, life-changing, and something that is best done according to the advice of trained professionals. In the same way that a realtor can help you pin down the best deal and mortgage, businesses across America rely on AtWork employment agency franchise consultants to find the best employees.

In today’s post, we discuss ways in which an employment agency franchise can benefit your company, and share 3 tips to smooth the collaborative process between business owner and staffing consultant.

How can an employment agency franchise help me?

Employment agency franchises serve business owners by providing short lists of top-quality candidates for job openings that arise during your company’s expansion. AtWork consultants work with you to profile your business needs and organizational culture, then pour through hiring pools and professional networks to pinpoint the perfect hires for your company.

Working with the AtWork employment agency franchise can positively influence most aspects of your business.

  • Be more productive at work. Hiring a staffing consultant frees up time and energy so that you can focus on other critical aspects of growing your business. Rather than wasting days sifting through resumes, piecing together online job descriptions, and conducting dead-end interviews, you’re able to focus on making money and be fully confident that top-tier employees are coming your way.
  • Improve your work culture. Finding the right fit for your company is about more than acquiring employees with certain skill sets: it’s about finding the right people. AtWork employment agency franchises work hard to find individuals whose personalities and attitudes are suited to your work environment and organizational culture. In doing so, we create cohesive, inspiring work environments that boost morale, lower retention rates, and increase your productivity.
  • Leverage seasonal staffing strategies. Some businesses experience “rush” seasons that demand extra hands on deck for specific timeframes each year. Hiring full-time can be unwieldy, and most business owners can’t afford to spend their busy season vetting candidates. AtWork links your company with premium seasonal hires whenever you need them, ensuring that you stay ahead of the rush and enjoy the perks of part-time staffing.

3 Tips for Working with Employment Agency Franchise Consultants

  • Choose wisely! A quality employment agency franchise is key. You need someone with deep industry experience and far-reaching professional networks. If your employment agency franchise is not reputable, they will not attract top talents. AtWork is a leader in the staffing industry; we provide connect 25,000 job seekers with employers every year, and have accrued a sterling reputation in the staffing world.
  • Communicate your needs. Communication is key, just like in any other relationship. If you want your employment agency consultant to do a good job, you need to outline clear criteria for hiring. Don’t hold back; detail the exact demands of the job, and do your best to describe your version of a “dream hire.”
  • Remember who’s in charge. Don’t forget that your business is at stake, not theirs! If you are not interested in their list of candidates, speak up and send them back out into the field to find some new prospects.

You can learn more about our employment agency franchise at http://www.atworkfranchise.com.


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