Buying the Right Temp Agency Franchise: 5 Things You Can't Ignore

Buying the Right Temp Agency Franchise: 5 Things You Can't Ignore

Hiring temp workers is a cost-effective way to increase workplace diversity, handle seasonal rushes, support company expansions, and increase the agility of your company. Indeed, hiring part-time employees has never been hotter in the business world, which has driven the demand for quality temp agency franchises through the roof. A growing number of prospective business owners have begun to explore temp agency franchise system, and while the profitability of this business model is easy to see, choosing a franchise family to enter into is no cakewalk.

In today’s post, the AtWork team seeks to make your temp agency franchise selection process easier. Read on to learn 5 considerations to include in your hunt for the perfect temp agency franchise family!

Does this brand offer franchise opportunities in territories that work for me?

When people first begin their hunt for a quality temp agency franchise, they tend to gravitate towards the industry giants that they’ve become acquainted with as consumers. Unfortunately, they’re often discouraged once they learn that these high-profile companies have prohibitive franchise pricing, or worse, limited territories still available. Before you put your heart into a specific brand, check to see which markets are still available. Most franchises will not risk saturating a market by doubling up locations in a single territory. If they conduct themselves as the “Starbucks” of temp agency franchising – that is, sticking a location on basically every street corner – consider this a serious red flag. You can see available territory opportunities with the AtWork temp agency franchise by clicking here.

Do my intrinsic motivations align with the brand’s values?

Write down exactly why you want to own a franchise. There may be a number of reasons; try limiting yourself to the top 3. Do you want to make money? Give back to your community? Provide gainful and gratifying employment opportunities for medical, industrial, and administrative workers? Whatever the case may be, it’s critical that your values align with those of the franchisor. If they don’t, your career will be unsatisfying, and passion will be hard to drum up.

Do I have enough capital to buy into this franchise system?

Finding the right price range is critical. While you don’t want to break the bank, it’s important that you don’t default to the cheapest option. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for with a temp agency franchise. The AtWork franchise system has a minimum investment of $99,500. This includes 6-9 months of working capital. Note that internal staffing and location will factor into your investment costs.

Do I have the time and energy to meet this franchisor’s expectations?

Franchising is a safer and often more profitable alternative to traditional self-starting, but it’s no easy ride. Though some franchises are capable of running on “autopilot,” temp agency franchisers typically expect a certain commitment from their franchisees. Ultimately, the temp agency franchise brand must benefit from your entry into the system; the franchising relationship is intended to be mutually beneficial, after all. With this in mind, make sure that your available commitment meets the franchisors expectations to ensure your experience is smooth and successful. If it’s not, you can always look elsewhere – this is always a better approach than trying to force a franchise system to fit your schedule.

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