Should I Start an Employment Agency Franchise? Analyzing the Staffing Industry

Should I Start an Employment Agency Franchise? Analyzing the Staffing Industry

Are you thinking of starting an employment agency franchise? Recognizing the growing demand for these services, as well as the immense potential for profitability and inherent feel-good effect of finding jobs for hard-working Americans, thousands of business owners get involved in the staffing world every year. The AtWork franchise model is an excellent way to capitalize on a growing market, but don’t take our word for it!

In today’s post, we share some concrete statistics from research conducted by the American Staffing Association, analyzing the staffing industry to inform your decision to get involved with the AtWork franchise family.

Employment Agency Franchises Are In Greater Demand From Businesses Than Ever Before

Job seekers and budget-wary business owners like to think that the internet gives us the connectivity needed to bridge the gaps between both parties, and that may be true. However, the internet doesn’t give you the labor, time-savings, and expertise of an employment agency franchise. In other words, job seekers can flood a business owner’s inbox with resumes, but that doesn’t really make their lives much easier! Getting in touch with big hiring pools isn’t the problem – the tricky part is finding the right people for the job, and doing so in a way that doesn’t squander the time-savings you hoped to get out of a seasonal hire in the first place.

With this in mind, it makes sense that employment agency franchises are getting more business than ever. According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), 90% of client businesses indicated that staffing companies gave them the flexibility and manpower they needed to stay competitive during seasonal rushes. Combing through thousands of emails of your own during a rush season isn’t conducive to good business – instead, business owners have been hiring employment agency franchises to do the work for them so that they can focus on maximizing their sales instead.

Employment Agency Franchises Fit The Needs Of Many Different Workers

The ASA report also shared some important information about the value of employment agency franchises from the job seeker’s perspective. Obviously, a job-seeker wants a job, and employment agency franchises provide, but there’s more to it than that. 66% of staffing employees said that flexible work was very important to them, and 88% said that contract work made them more employable in the eyes of full-time hires down the line. Some people simply prefer temporary work because it suits their lives, and AtWork makes this lifestyle possible for many people. In other words, employment agency franchises give employees a flexible form of work, and a means to advance into full-time positions.

Employment Agency Franchises Should Pay Particular Attention To The Developing World Of Industrial Staffing

The industrial staffing sector is unparalleled in terms of its size and the opportunity it presents for job-seekers and staffing franchisees alike. More than 35% of all temporary and contract employees are working in an industrial setting, and this demand is projected to continue to grow in the coming years. Employment agency franchisees should consider moving further into this direction. You can contact AtWork at to learn in detail how we are capitalizing on this market behavior.

Should I Start An Employment Agency Franchise?

Staffing is a growing market, and the AtWork franchise system offers a business model that appeals to clients, job-seekers, and prospective franchisees alike. Don’t stop your research here, though – visit and request a free market analysis and phone consultation.


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