3 Staffing Agency Franchise Strategies What Should Small Businesses Emphasize to Attract Top Talent

3 Staffing Agency Franchise Strategies What Should Small Businesses Emphasize to Attract Top Talent

Enterprise-level companies seem to have little trouble attracting top talent, so what’s making it so hard for your small business? In today’s post, our staffing agency franchise addresses this common question from small business owners, and outlines 3 strategies they can use to attract quality employees.

Business Scale Affects Business Strategy

The truth is, if you’re trying to compare your small business practices to those of an enterprise-level company, you’re going to be disappointed. Furthermore, if you’re trying to emulate a big business strategy with your small company, you’re making a big mistake. Our staffing agency franchise works with big and small companies, and our experience has taught us how business best practices vary depending on the size of the business in question.

Big businesses have the luxury of large hiring budgets, and often have entire HR departments dedicated to identifying and interviewing industry stand-outs. They can woo prospects with generous benefits, brand-name recognition, and networking opportunities that many small business owners simply don’t have.

That said, small businesses do have some advantages over enterprise-level companies.

  • Small businesses have less red tape and bureaucratic barriers in place between the employer and employee. This means that closer relationships can be developed, and communication is rarely an issue, unlike the “missed memo” culture of some big corporations. Some employees hold this level of communication in high esteem, and will seek out businesses that offer it.
  • Small businesses usually allow more hybridization. In other words, you will probably be more well-rounded working at a small business where specialization and rigid job descriptions are harder to come by. Many talents appreciate this and embrace the idea of learning a number of important new skills, rather than working as a tiny cog in the corporate machine.
  • Small businesses typically offer more flexibility and growth opportunities. Big companies usually build themselves on strict hours, established routines, and unflinching task lists. Small businesses work a little differently, and usually encourage the kind of creativity that some talents find to be extremely exciting and rewarding.

Staffing Agency Franchise Tips for Attracting Top Talents

  • Emphasize your small business strengths. Promote the points outlined in the previous section. Many people don’t realize the advantages that small businesses have over big corporations, associating brand recognition and bigger salaries with “better work environments,” even when that’s often not the case. Know your strengths and promote them through social media, web content, and your company’s culture. If you can establish your company as a place for career growth, creativity, flexibility, and close connections, you will appeal to many talented prospects, especially those coming fresh out of post-secondary programs.
  • Network at industry events and career centers. Small businesses sometimes cannot afford to set up booths at big industry events, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up on the networking opportunities these gatherings present. Attend industry trade shows and career center events as a paying attendee rather than a participant, and you’ll find yourself among crowds of eager and ambitious job seekers. This kind of “ground-level” networking is exactly the kind of communication prospects will appreciate at a small business, and it pays off!
  • Work with a staffing agency franchise. Staffing agency franchises like AtWork have access to lists of top talents in the industry, and will work with you to outline your exact hiring needs and produce a pool of candidates to choose from. Staffing agency franchises work with small business budgets and save them serious money over the long run by cutting away the need to sink work hours into the hiring process.

You can learn more about how AtWork’s staffing agency franchise can help your small business by vising http://www.atworkfranchise.com.


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