4 Ways to Clamp Down on Staffing Costs

4 Ways to Clamp Down on Staffing Costs

Take it from our recruitment franchise: staffing costs haunt business owners across America every single day. As a result, managing employee turnover rates and improving the efficiency of the hiring process are priorities for most businesses.

In today’s post, the AtWork recruitment franchise shares 4 cost-reduction tips for business owners in need of staffing solutions. These strategies were earned through years of commitment to the staffing industry; every single year, the AtWork recruitment franchise helps over 25,000 job-seekers connect with temporary or permanent work opportunities. If you found this list helpful and would like to learn more about our recruitment franchise, please visit our website today at http://www.atworkfranchise.com.

Link Compensation With Valuable Contributions, Not Time Served

Many business owners make the mistake of structuring their “incentives” and rewards around seniority and time served. While it is nice to acknowledge and reward loyal employees, your business can save a lot of money and improve the quality of its products and services if you reward productive employees instead. We strongly encourages business owners looking to save on staffing costs shift their compensation structure to reward high-value contributions. As word of this incentive structure spreads, you’ll attract those who wish to be paid for their stellar contributions, rather than those who want to ride out the clock each week. In this way, you’ll attract higher quality staff and drastically lower your turnover rates.

Create A Work Culture Filled With Intrinsic Rewards

Financial incentives shouldn’t be the only things motivating your employees to work long and hard with your company. If financial reward systems are the only thing encouraging productive behavior within your work culture, you’re going to spending a lot more than you have to! Instead, let the work itself – and the feedback from your team – be a strong driving force for your employees.

Grow Your “Ground-Level” Employees Before You Find Administrative Staff

Work expands to fill time; this old adage has informed business best practices for years. Similarly, work will expand to fill idle hands. If your business’s hiring campaign is too “top-heavy,” you may find that many man-hours are wasted on bureaucratic busywork and micromanagement. Focus on getting the foundation in place before you worry about finding hot-shot administrators. Not only will you save on big “overhead” in the form of management-level salaries, but you’ll get your bread-and-butter products and services up and running faster by putting a core workforce in place first. Finding the right management can be a long and grueling process; don’t force your profits to wait until you’ve found the perfect team.

Work With A Recruitment Franchise

This final tip may come as no surprise, but working with a recruitment franchise is an undeniable money-saving solution for business owners, regardless of their company’s size or market sector. Imagine what your company could accomplish if you didn’t need to spend a single iota of time or energy to find top talents in your industry. It’s possible with AtWork – give us a call at 800-233-6846 to find out how we help.

On behalf of the AtWork recruitment franchise family, we hope that these money-saving staffing tips help your business! For more information about AtWork, or to explore franchise opportunities with our nationally celebrated brand, visit http://www.atworkfranchise.com.


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