Stop Bad Hires: 4 Hiring Tips from a Human Resources Franchise

Stop Bad Hires: 4 Hiring Tips from a Human Resources Franchise

Finding, vetting, hiring, and training quality employees is one of the greatest challenges that a business owner will face.

What will a bad hire cost me?

CareerBuilder surveyed more than 6,000 hiring professionals and found that over half had been burned by bad hires. 27% of business owners stated that their bad hires had cost their company in excess of $50,000. This amount represents the collective total from missed sales opportunities, strained client and employee relationships, labor-related legal issues, and resources consumed while training and hiring new candidates. 41% of survey respondents said that bad hires cost them at least $25,000 in the last year!

Beyond their financial cost, bad hires take a serious toll on the health of your organizational culture. Workplace squabbles and instances of uneven contribution-to-compensation can crush a company’s morale, which only further diminishes your productivity.

Why do companies hire bad employees?

  • The company had to fill the position quickly.
  • The company didn’t perform adequate background checks or follow up with references.
  • The company didn’t adequately test or research the employee’s skills or eligibility for the job

How can companies avoid the cost of bad hires?

The best way to avoid the costs and repercussions of bad hires is to partner with a qualified human resources franchise. AtWork will work with you to develop a custom “profile” of your business and needs, then draw upon a professional network earned through years of experience to populate a short list of top-tier candidates. More and more business owners have begun to realize the benefits of working with a human resources franchise, so much so that the AtWork human resource franchise has grown into one of the most promising investment opportunities on the market.

If your business isn’t ready to partner with our human resource franchise, the following hiring tips will come in handy as you brave the pools of job-seekers out there!

  • Write better job descriptions. Poorly written job descriptions can deter quality candidates and flood your inbox with unwanted resumes. According to the Wall Street Journal, taking a “needs-supplies” approach is best. This approach emphasizes what the company can do for the candidate, rather than what the company expects.
  • Include soft skill requirements. Relevant job experience and education is key, but soft skills cannot be overlooked. Emphasize how quality candidates should be socially and emotionally intelligent, and capable of communicating in a clear and professional manner. Mere mention of soft skills like these will often ward off unwanted applicants.
  • Vet candidates through social media. Vetting is a huge part of our human resources franchise process, but most business owners lack the skills, tools, time, or experience to do so at a comparable level. Still, that doesn’t mean you should forgo the vetting process entirely. Social media gives business owners a great platform for researching potential hires. Check out their online activity and try to get a sense for their personality. If you see a lot of trash being talked about their previous employer, you know to steer clear!
  • Ask the right questions. Interviews are too important to default to “stock questions.” Try to get a sense for what drives your candidate and how they interact with others. Having them respond to mock workplace scenarios is an excellent way to gauge their suitability for the job.

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