Signs that it's Time to Hire Help for your Staffing Franchise

Signs that it's Time to Hire Help for your Staffing Franchise

Like all entrepreneurs, AtWork franchisees are familiar with the ups and downs that come with owning their own business. Each day in an AtWork staffing franchise there are meetings to attend, sales goals to achieve, paperwork to complete, talent to place, networking events to attend…the list goes on and on. Factor in the very human need to have some down time and the hours of the day fill up pretty quickly.

But, when is the right time to hire additional help?

Emotional Motivation

The reasons behind hiring extra employees are as varied as the people that make them, but they tend to fall into two categories: Specific reasons, such as essential tasks not being completed, and emotional decisions that affect an entrepreneur’s mindset and happiness with their work. Business owners should ask themselves “Am I focusing on survival rather than growth?” and “Am I losing my passion?” The answers can be telling. Going at full steam all day just to get enough done to maintain the status quo becomes mentally and emotionally taxing, especially during busy seasons. When an entrepreneur feels that they are working just to survive it’s only a matter of time before the effort begins to appear greater than the reward.

This, of course, is a great time to hire additional employees. The extra help with the day’s tasks—as well as the infusion of new energy and ideas—can be a terrific relief for a business owner who is starting to burn out, and the improved service can boost sales and justify the hiring decision.

Obvious Signs

Of course, emotional motivations are inherently subjective. Different people will have different thresholds for when they feel that the reward is no longer worth the effort. There are several easily recognizable symptoms of the need to hire, however, that are just as revealing.

Perhaps the most obvious sign that help is needed is when revenue begins to suffer as a result of uncompleted work. The effects of unmade sales calls, a lack of client follow up, and delayed projects on the business come swiftly in the form of lost opportunities and income.

Another sign to be aware of is discontent among existing staff. If a business owner is feeling overwhelmed, chances are that current employees will be feeling the same. However, employees don’t have the same investment in seeing the business succeed as the owner and are much more likely to complain of being overworked, slack off on daily tasks due to a lack of interest, not pursue new business aggressively, or seek other employment entirely.

Client satisfaction is another harbinger of the need to hire more help. When clients are left to answer questions on their own, or are not followed up with regularly, they are far more apt to hear the sales pitch of the next staffing firm at the door. Once a client has been lost due to poor service regaining the business becomes an even bigger challenge, as they need to be re-convinced of the company’s competency and quality of service.

Operating a staffing franchise is challenging and, at times, stressful work. In the end, a business owner must ask themselves “Can I afford the staff, or can I afford to NOT have the staff?” Acting on an honest answer to this question can make the difference between toiling away without reward and experiencing sustained growth. Of course, franchise opportunities—such as AtWork—have competent staff and proven systems in place to help entrepreneurs read the writing on the wall and add staff before clients, and revenue, are lost.

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