How Staffing Firms Build Business and Find Candidates with Social Media

How Staffing Firms Build Business and Find Candidates with Social Media

In today’s competitive marketplace, professionals who neglect to develop and implement a robust social media strategy are at a disadvantage. In the staffing industry, where business is built upon connecting the right candidate to the right company, this is especially true. However, many staffing professionals either underestimate the importance of social in their overall marketing plan or are unfamiliar with (or intimidated by) the platforms themselves, neglecting to utilize social to its full potential.

Building Business

Staffing firms attract and maintain clients in a variety of ways, but few can be as easy as an effective social media strategy. Through social media business development managers can:

  • Profile Potential Clients: Social media services such as LinkedIn are treasure troves of client information, on both the company, as well as decision makers. By connecting with potential clients online, then posting relevant content that is targeted to the prospect based upon their industry or interests, staffing professionals can build a relationship with a potential client long before an in-person meeting.
  • Effectively Network: Of all of the social media platforms, LinkedIn is by far the best for online networking with potential clients. Participating in groups and interacting with content posted by prospects is a great way to engage with a company that may be difficult to crack in other ways.
  • Establish Themselves as Industry Experts: By consistently posting relevant content, participating in industry groups, and regularly interacting with followers, staffing professionals can establish themselves as experts in their field in the eyes of potential clients and social media followers.
  • Generate More Leads: Social media can be used in a variety of ways to generate leads. Perhaps the most common is the development of ad campaigns around a particular promotion or as a supplement to a traditional marketing campaign. Social media ads are easy to develop, inexpensive to place, and have the ability to be targeted to hyper-specific demographic groups, increasing the likelihood of lead conversions.

Finding the Right Candidates

For recruiters, social media can be a critical tool not only for attracting the best talent for a particular position, but also for vetting their professional credentials—and personality—before the interview, saving time by potentially eliminating unqualified candidates before they get too far along in the process. With social media recruiters can:

  • Post Jobs: Not only can you post a link back to a job board or company website advertising a position but, via Facebook and LinkedIn, you may post the job to the social platform itself, eliminating a step in the process. For a fee, job postings can be boosted as well, further increasing exposure.
  • Profile Potential Candidates: Many employers are now searching for information regarding job candidates on their social media profiles in order to ensure that they are the right fit for the position, and that their personal lives are not so volatile or unpredictable as to cause an issue for the employer down the road. Though it’s important to not violate an applicant’s privacy, many people post enough information publicly for recruiters to gain a good understanding of their potential fit within an organization.
  • Expand the Potential Candidate Pool: Often, once a candidate has accepted a position from a staffing firm, they are asked to take a quick photo that the recruiter and their coworkers may use for promotional social media posts. This not only establishes the success of the firm, but also allows for the opportunity to reach the extended network of the hired candidate. Instagram can be a particularly powerful platform in this respect. If a candidate is placed into a job then tagged in an Instagram post they may then be encouraged to tag friends in the post, thereby increasing brand awareness and the likelihood of those connections applying for a position with the staffing firm as well.

Having an Experienced Partner Helps…

Though it’s certainly possible to effectively utilize social media on one’s own, the likelihood of success increases exponentially when a cohesive social media strategy is utilized across a large franchise system, such as AtWork. For example, social media sales and recruiting ideas and best practices may be shared among franchisees from across the country, increasing national brand awareness and helping to attract more, and better, clients and candidates. Additionally, franchisors often set social media strategies at the corporate level and provide marketing collateral to franchisees, eliminating a significant amount of work and allowing them to do what they do best: Connect great people with great jobs, every day.

It’s no secret that an effective social media strategy can help staffing firms consistently attract both new clients and top-tier talent. By spending time each day communicating in industry groups, posting and interacting with relevant content, and utilizing the various job posting tools available on major platforms, staffing professionals can grow their sales and recruiting pipelines.

If you’d like to learn more about the AtWork opportunity and how our franchise system is not only supported at the corporate level with a variety of strategic social media initiatives, but also how our franchisees work together to hone and perfect their own, local strategies, click HERE or call 888-553-1745 today!


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