Three Ways Staffing Firms Improve their Communities

Three Ways Staffing Firms Improve their Communities

Many AtWork franchise partners are excited to find that, once they are open for business, they are making an immediate impact in their communities and the lives of their friends and neighbors. It may not always be as obvious in the short-term, but the impacts of staffing firms on their local economies can be long-lasting. Here are three ways these firms build community, while building a successful business:

Higher standard of living: One of the most immediate, and obvious, benefits of a staffing firm putting a community to work is the improvement of the standard of living. More citizens employed, and employed at higher rates of pay, can provide a spark to numerous other community businesses which leads to…

Economic stimulation: A higher standard of living results in rapid economic stimulation within communities. As mentioned above, as more people within an area are employed (and especially if they are employed at higher rates of pay), the more likely they will spend that money with local businesses, boosting their local economy and setting it up for additional growth in the future which leads to…

Increase in government revenue: Money may not make the world go around, but it makes sure that local governments can provide the services their constituents need. When a staffing firm opens in a community and begins employing its citizens, the amount of taxes collected logically increases, helping the community to grow while offering better services and opportunities to the population.

It’s no secret that AtWork owners are some of the most successful in the industry, leading the company to recognitions from Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and more, but the prospect of strengthening communities is often a pleasant surprise. If you’re interested in learning more about the AtWork opportunity click HERE or call 888-553-1745 today!


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